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WELUV is a brand founded by the fatlong couple.They have been in love for 10 years and have been married for 6 years. They are high school classmates. Fatlong was a playboy when he was in high school. He didn't have much fantasies about the future, but in the summer of his first year of high school, when he first saw Elaine. Everything has changed because he fell in love with this girl at first sight and wants to protect her in the future. He thinks this girl is the person he wants to spend his whole life together. He pursued Elaine and finally to have a relationship in the third year of high school, and went through a lot of interesting things in the next 16 years.

They worked together to go to the same university, worked together in the same city, go to worked during the day, worked together as street vendor in the evening, eat the cheapest fast food, live in a cheap small house, and later they created TOPP TEN CO. , LTD and married, has a complete home. Looking back to the pass 16 years, many couples have been separated, and there are very few who can really keep in love still. They are very lucky, because they not only love each other, but also go through so many interesting and meaningful things together.

WELUV means WE LOVE. Its birth originated from the letter of the fatong couples in high school. They often use some cute characters to express their love. It is a beautiful, simple and pure time in their lives-One of the most precious moments. They hope that this brand will enable everyone who loves each other to understand that everyone is an independent and lovely individual. They can accept each other's imperfections, embrace each other's shortcomings, respect each other, encourage each other, and appreciate each other. Achievements with each other, with common goals, no matter what happens,just look forward to the future. Life is ordinary and tasteless for many people, which requires us to learn to find more fun in our ordinary life and make life more colorful.

WELUV's products are not only of good quality, but also full of love and fun. This is our attitude towards life. WELUV people can find more fun in ordinary life,become a life-loving and interesting person, and experience more together.go through more unknowns together, go together to become better people, live a better life, and have the ability to make this society better, because beautiful skins are the same, interesting souls are unique, we hope that no matter for business partners relationship or any other relationship, we must know how to cherish each other, accept each other's imperfections, tolerate each other's shortcomings, respect each other, encourage each other, appreciate each other, achieve each other, have a common goal, no matter what happens, look forward to the future,full of expectation to the future, determination to become stronger and better together, WELUV people can understand this very well.

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